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K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

In the ‘old days’, people used a typewriter with an ink ribbon to write a letter – today we use computers, smartphones, PDF and ‘Word’. Not that many years ago, bed bug detection consisted of a technician getting down on his hands and knees with a flashlight for hours on end searching for bed bugs, which often resulted in the inability to find them! Today, we use K9 bed bug detection to quickly and easily detect bed bugs and their eggs!


For a human, bed bugs are difficult to find. Even an experienced bed bug exterminator can easily miss the signs of a bed bug infestation in a home because bed bugs are relatively small and they are very good at hiding! Bed bug eggs are even easier to miss – even by someone experienced at looking for them. Up until recently, bed bug detection was a hit or miss proposition – well, not any longer! Enter the K9 bed bug detection team.


K9 bed bug detection is the modern, accurate, discreet and reliable method of detecting bed bugs! No longer must you concern yourself with the prospect of a human not being able to detect a potential bed bug problem in your home or business. A K9 bed bug detection team can detect bed bugs quickly and accurately in your home with a very high degree of accuracy.


While the highly trained K9 is using his nose to sniff out the bed bug scent, a certified handler is simultaneously using his or her experience to visually detect any sign of bed bugs or their eggs being present.


The K9 seeks out the bed bug ‘scent cone’ which is created when bed bugs and/or their eggs are present and follows that ‘scent cone’, zeroing in on its source until the bed bugs or eggs are found.


K9 Bed Bug Detection is the modern, efficient, highly accurate and reliable method of detecting bed bugs. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs and you live in the Toronto area, give us a call to book your appointment.

Bed Bug Scent Cone


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