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Canine Bed Bug Inspection & Detection Services

Canine inspections have been used for many years in the military and in law enforcement. Recently, a specially trained canine has been used by zoo programs in the U.S. to detect if their polar bear breading program is working – the dog can actually tell if a polar bear is pregnant! Dogs are now being used to detect cancer in people – accurately! Canines have been used to detect bed bugs with a high degree of accuracy in the Toronto area for years!


How does a canine inspection find bed bugs?


A canine that is specifically trained to find bed bugs does so by going through initial training that lasts for two years and completes ongoing regular training for bed bugs specifically.

Our canine bed bug inspections are conducted by highly trained dogs that are exclusively trained to find bed bugs. There is no cross-training for other types of insects. That means that your canine inspection team is there for one purpose only – to inspect for bed bugs with no confusion on the part of the canine or the handler. Our motto “Focus on one thing, do it very well, and move on” applies.


What type of canine?


Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific type of canine that is specifically better than another when it comes to bed bug inspections.


A bed bug inspection canine candidate is chosen for a great number of traits and attributes including;


  • The temperament, eagerness and willingness of the canine to ‘work’
  • The size of the canine – smaller is usually better so that the canine can work in confined spaces
  • Independence – That’s right! This is NOT a guard dog. We want the canine to have a strong sense of independence to search unencumbered throughout the home or business. Often, the dog will lead the handler right to the bed bugs without the handler having to do anything at all. This is what we want the canine to do!

A bed bug canine inspection can detect bed bugs quickly and accurately which often leads to solving the bed bug problem in less time and reduced cost and turmoil.

If you suspect that you may have bed bugs give us a call – We’ll help, Fast!


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