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Why Would I Need A Bed Bug Inspection?

Suspecting that you may have been exposed to bed bugs is often horrifying for people. We understand that the thought that bed bugs may have infested your home is unnerving at best. Often, people who have bed bugs in their home are unaware of it until the first signs and symptoms of a bed bug problem begin to manifest themselves. If this is the case for you, you need a bed bug inspection.


What type of a bed bug inspection is available?


A bed bug inspection can take a number of different forms. Traditionally in years past, a bed bug inspection consisted of a pest control technician coming to your home with a flashlight and physically looking in places where bed bugs are often found to be hiding. These places include in the seams of mattresses, underneath box springs, bed frames, headboards and furniture adjacent to beds. However, because bed bugs are quite small and their eggs are even smaller, in addition to their ability to hide in places one would not think to look, bed bugs are quite creative in their ability to successfully stay out of site during a bed bug inspection. Often, even a relatively experienced bed bug inspector misses identifying a bed bug problem, especially if the problem is relatively new and still small in size.

A proper bed bug inspection (even while not using a K9) should consist of an experienced technician doing a thorough visual inspection checking for the following things:

  • The bed bugs themselves
  • Bed bug eggs
  • Fecal Matter
  • Cast Skins
  • Blood Spots (sheets and bedding etc.)

While bed bugs themselves are often difficult to spot, the remnants that they leave behind are often quite visible. Fecal matter that bed bugs deposit after they feed are commonly found on, in and around bed frames and behind headboards of beds. The bed bug fecal matter presents as little black spots and are usually quite easy to see with the naked eye especially when deposited onto a lighter surface such as white sheets, light coloured wooden slats or light coloured baseboards. Finding fecal matter can greatly assist in the bed bug inspection but is often only found through the moving of mattresses, box springs or other furniture. For this, and other reasons, a visual bed bug inspection alone is inferior to a K9 bed bug inspection.

Most Toronto pest control companies understand the need for a K9 element when they find themselves in need of performing a bed bug inspection. Due to the fact that these types of bed bug inspections are highly specialized, they will refer to a company that specializes in K9 bed bug inspections. We work with a number of pest control companies in the Toronto area and we’re happy to help you.


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