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Bed Bug Scent Detection Dogs

Bed bug detection requires a special skill set not often found outside of a specialized organization. Bed bugs are not a typical pest and it takes a thorough understanding of how they operate to detect them where they live. Bed bug detection has come a long way in the past few years and there are now options that simply did not exist just a short time ago.


Why has bed bug detection been so difficult in the past?


Not so long ago when someone suspected that they had bed bugs the only option was to call a pest control company and have them send over a well-meaning technician who would conduct a visual inspection using one basic tool – a flashlight! Bed bugs are hard to detect because they are small and they are experts at hiding from people, this is the reason that they have become one of the most prolific pests to invade North America in recent years.


Even a skilled technician will often find it hard to detect the bugs because, by their very nature, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices as far away from prying eyes as possible. Bed bugs don’t like light but prefer dark places to live and breed. Staying close to their food source (our blood) is always a priority for them but they will stay far enough away from potential danger (us) so as to make it difficult for us to find them. Bed bugs will only come close to us for the purpose of feeding on us and even this is done in a very specific way and at specific times.


Bed bug eggs are even harder to detect than the bugs themselves. Detecting bed bug eggs is difficult because the eggs are very small and, being white, they are hard to see if against a light background. Bed bug eggs often go undetected when searched for visually.


Why is bed bug detection better with a dog?


A specially trained bed bug detection dog can literally smell the bed bugs and their eggs. Having gone through years of training and certification, the bed bug detection dog along with the dogs’ handler search the home or business and can detect even just one bed bug or bed bug egg in the process.


By not having to rely solely on sight, the bed bug detection team can quickly identify if there are bed bugs and where they are hiding with a high degree of accuracy. If the bed bug detection team determines that there are likely bed bugs in a certain area as indicated by the K9, the certified handler will then conduct a visual inspection to locate the actual bed bugs or eggs.

The process of bed bug detection through this method is much more accurate than visual bed bug detection and takes a fraction of the time to complete.


Here is why K9 bed bug detection is so great.


  • K9 bed bug detection is very accurate compared to the traditional visual method
  • It takes a fraction of the time and is a much less intrusive form of bed bug detection
  • A properly trained bed bug detection dog will only alert to live bugs and viable eggs
  • It is practical, cost efficient and, frankly fun to watch


If you find yourself in need of quick, accurate, friendly and discreet bed bug detection give us a call and find out why we are the Toronto areas preferred Bed Bug Detection Company.


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