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Bed Bug Inspection Services Toronto

Canine At Work

Canine Inspection

Canine inspections have been used for many years in the military and in law enforcement. Recently, a specially trained canine has been used by zoo programs in the U.S. to detect if their polar bear breading program is working.

K9 Bed Bug Detection

In the ‘old days’, people used a typewriter with an ink ribbon to write a letter – today we use computers, smartphones, PDF and ‘Word’. Not that many years ago, bed bug detection consisted for hours on end searching…
Canada Canine Detection Service

Bed Bug Inspection

Suspecting that you may have been exposed to bed bugs is often horrifying for people. We understand that the thought that bed bugs may have infested your home is unnerving.

Canada Canine Detection

Bed Bug Detection 

Bed bug detection requires a special skill set not often found outside of a specialized organization. Bed bugs are not a typical pest and it takes a thorough understanding.