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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Vaughan / Concord

Vaughan / Concord, Ontario


Just a few short years ago, the primary points of bed bug infestation in the GTA could easily be found in the downtown core and immediate surrounding areas. Today, however, the bed bug problem has most definitely spread to outlying areas and has hit the Vaughan / Concord areas hard!


Those living in Vaughan and Concord have been experiencing an alarming increase in reported bed bug infestations and there are a number of reasons for this. In addition to the traditional ways that one may come into contact with bed bugs, travelling to distant locals and staying in hotels that may be infested for instance, Vaughan and Concord residents are falling victim to the simple fact that bed bugs, once they take hold in an urban area, spread! Something as simple as going to a movie theatre can result in bringing bed bugs home with you.


As the number of cases of bed bugs increase in this area, so do the number of people that require a bed bug inspection. Detecting bed bugs is best done by utilizing the expertise of a K9 bed bug detection team. Inspecting for bed bugs using a highly trained bed bug detection dog is far more accurate and less time consuming than the traditional inspection conducted by just a human.


A bed bug dog can detect as little as only one bed bug or bed bug egg in a room by using their advanced sense of smell and extensive training. Our bed bug detection dog teams are NOT cross-trained to find other types of insects, bed bugs is all we do.


If you live in the Vaughan or Concord area and you are waking up with unexplained bites, you may have been exposed to bed bugs and you need a bed bug inspection! Bed bugs multiply quickly and finding out that you have bed bugs in the early stages is critical to ensure that your pest control professional can tackle the bed bug problem while still in its infancy.


We are proud to offer our K9 bed bug inspection services to those living in Vaughan and Concord Ontario. Call us to book your appointment – we can usually service you the very next day.

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