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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Toronto

Toronto, Ontario


Toronto was actually the birthplace of canine bed bug detection in Canada. As the bed bug problem started to grow, a need was identified for the ability to check a home with greater accuracy and in a shorter period of time than was possible using the standard visual methods of bed bug detection.


The City of Toronto has been hit the hardest by the bed bug problem relative to other cities in Ontario.


Enter the bed bug dog. Specially trained bed bug sniffing dogs are capable of detecting just one bed bug or one bed bug egg in a room. Coupled with a trained and skilled handler, the bed bug detection team conducts a thorough inspection throughout the area in far less time and with far greater accuracy than a human is capable of doing.


In addition to our highly trained bed bug detection K9’s, our handlers are also licensed bed bug exterminators with years of experience with bed bugs. The importance of this as being part of the team cannot be overstated. The extensive knowledge of the experienced handler along with the canine makes a team that delivers a high degree of accuracy.


There is an ever increasing need for bed bug detection specifically for Toronto residents. Toronto has seen a huge increase in the number of bed bug infestations and all indications are that the city will continue its battle with these insects.


If, during the inspection, bed bugs are found the handler will show you where the bed bugs or eggs are and they will offer advice on how to proceed. There are different treatment methods available to deal with bed bugs and which one you choose will, in large part, be determined by how extensive the bed bug problem is. This is easily determined during your inspection.


Our K9 bed bug inspection team provides a discreet, highly accurate and cost effective way to detect bed bugs before the problem gets out of hand. Our inspection teams do not wear a uniform or company markings of any kind because your privacy is paramount!


If you live in Toronto and you suspect that you may have bed bugs, give us a call and we’ll schedule your K9 bed bug inspection for the very next day!

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