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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Thornhill

Thornhill, Ontario

Residents of Thornhill Ontario are finding out that they are connected to more urban areas of the GTA in ways that may not be so pleasant.


Thornhill has not traditionally been effected by the bed bug problem – until recently! In fact, we’ve seen a marked increase of the number of bed bug infestations in this area over the past two years – the reason for which is still up for debate. Nevertheless, Thornhill residents are finding themselves in need of bed bug inspections and exterminations more each and every day!


Our bed bug inspections service offers Thornhill residents the opportunity to confirm a suspicion of bed bugs quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Your neighbours WILL NOT KNOW that we are at your home to conduct a bed bug inspection! We take your privacy seriously. We do not wear uniforms and our bed bug inspection dog has no identifying markings or equipment that would alert anyone to the purpose of our visit.


K9 bed bug inspection consists of two team members; a highly trained and certified bed bug detection dog and his/her handler. Both of whom had to certify together as a team and pass a rigorous testing regiment before being certified to inspect your home for bed bugs!


If you live in Thornhill and you suspect that you may have been exposed to bed bugs, call us for fast, highly accurate and reliable bed bug detection.


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Thornhill Ontario


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