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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill, Ontario


Richmond Hill was the fastest growing community in the 1990’s and it continues to grow today. With the growth in population Richmond Hill has also seen a significant increase in the number of bed bug infestations affecting its residents. In direct correlation to this upsurge in bed bug cases we have seen a significant increase in the need for K9 bed bug inspection services in the Richmond Hill area.


If you are waking up with unexplained itchy bites or seeing blood spots on your bed sheets you may be one of the unlucky ones in Richmond Hill that has been exposed to bed bugs. If this is the case you need a K9 bed bug inspection.


bed bug inspection using our highly trained bed bug detection dog team will provide you with a quick answer as to whether or not you may have bed bugs in your home.


Our canine bed bug inspection consists of a highly trained bed bug dog along with an experienced and certified bed bug dog handler who is also a licensed bed bug exterminator with years of experience dealing specifically with bed bugs.


Together this team will provide a discreet, highly accurate and cost effective way to inspect your home for bed bugs and will give you the answer you need on the spot.


If bed bugs are detected in your home the handler will show you where they were found and will give you advice on what to do next.


If you live in Richmond Hill Ontario and you need a canine bed bug inspection, give us a call… We’ll help Fast!

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