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Oakville Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Oakville

Oakville, Ontario


The City of Oakville Ontario is going through a huge change in population as we speak. New homes are being built at a furious pace to accommodate that growth. Along with such a significant increase in population comes the prospect of not such nice things like bed bugs. Oakville residents are dealing with bed bug problems more now than ever before and are finding an increased need for canine bed bug detection as a result.


As the bed bug problem in Oakville continues to worsen we are finding ourselves conducting more bed bug inspections in your area. Although we hate to see an increase in bed bugs in Oakville, we are pleased to be able to provide quality canine bed bug inspections to Oakville residents.


If you find yourself suspecting that you may have been exposed to bed bugs and you live in Oakville, you need a K9 bed bug inspection. We provide discreet, cost effective and highly accurate bed bug detection and we can be there to help as early as the same day that you call us.


Providing quality, accurate, cost-effective and discreet bed bug inspection dog teams to Oakville, Ontario.

City of Oakville


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