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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Kitchener / Waterloo

Kitchener / Waterloo, Ontario

The bed bug problem in the Kitchener Waterloo area took a while to manifest itself relative to the rest of the urban concentration centers of Southern Ontario, but when bed bugs arrived in Kitchener they arrived in a big way! People in Kitchener are trying everything they can to combat the bed bug problem and one of the biggest ways that they are doing this by having K9 bed bug detection teams inspecting their homes for bed bugs.


Kitchener is reporting a huge increase in the number of bed bug related infestations and residents have become dumbfounded after being hit with this unexpected scourge. Like most cities that have had to deal with the bed bug explosion in Southern Ontario, Kitchener has been scrambling for solutions. One of the most important things that can be done when there is a suspicion that bed bugs have entered a home is to detect the bed bugs early. The reason for this is simple – bed bugs multiply quickly and the sooner that the problem is identified the smaller the problem will be and the easier it is to fix it.


The problem is that bed bugs are small and they are very good at hiding! This makes it difficult to detect a bed bug problem in the early stages. Often, when detection goes unnoticed, the bed bugs are able to infest other places in the home and are taken out on the home owner’s clothing to friends and other family members.


Up until only a few years ago, the only way to inspect for bed bugs was to have a technician come to your home and use a flashlight to look for the bed bugs. This method, even when done by an experienced person, is unreliable at best as bed bugs can and do hide in places that are simply not visible to the human eyes.


Now there is a real solution to bed bug detection – the K9 bed bug inspection team.


K9 bed bug inspection is carried out using a highly trained bed bug detection dog along with his handler. Our handlers are not only certified with the detection dog as a team but they are also licensed and experienced bed bug exterminators with many years of experience. This is important because if bed bugs are found in your home during the inspection, the handler is able and happy to give you advice based on his experience and your particular situation.


If you are waking up with unexplained itchy bites, if you’ve been exposed to bed bugs or think that you may have been, you need a K9 bed bug inspection. If you live in the Kitchener Waterloo area we are happy to book your bed bug inspection for the very next day.

Kitchener Waterloo


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