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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Hamilton / Stoney Creek

Hamilton / Stoney Creek, Ontario


The Hamilton Stoney Creek area has, by far, seen the most significant increase of bed bugs in Southern Ontario in the past three years. For reasons that are, as yet, unknown, Hamilton’s bed bug problem has exploded. The Stoney Creek area, by default of its proximity to Hamilton has also seen a huge increase of bed bugs infestations both in private homes and in apartments.


Our K9 bed bug inspection teams find themselves in Hamilton almost on a daily basis. Because finding bed bugs in the early stages of an infestation is so important, people living in Hamilton have long since realized that a K9 bed bug inspection is the most cost-effective way to stem the problem before it gets out of hand.


Many apartment buildings in Hamilton are suffering with bed bug cross contamination from one apartment unit to another. The spread of bed bugs throughout an apartment building can happen rapidly if measures are not taken quickly to stem the spread of the bugs. Bed bugs will travel from one apartment unit to another in a few different ways. Bed bugs hide and travel through electrical outlets when able and will find cracks and crevices to travel through from one unit to another. We’ve even seen bed bugs simply crawl underneath the front doors of apartments and make their way down the hall to another!


Since it is almost impossible for a human to accurately detect bed bugs in spaces that are not readily visible to the naked eye, the best chance of detecting bed bugs is through the use of a properly trained K9 bed bug inspection team.


Canine bed bug inspection in Hamilton is already a major part of the bed bug containment protocol for many multi-residential buildings in the Hamilton – Stoney Creek area. Property management companies have known about the benefits of this type of inspection for years. More and more Hamilton / Stoney Creek residents are utilizing this method to assist in finding a potential bed bug problem in their own personal home as well.


If you live in Hamilton or Stoney Creek and you suspect that you may have been exposed to bed bugs you need a K9 bed bug inspection! Our highly skilled inspection teams are certified, highly accurate and cost-effective. We can detect even just one bed bug or one viable bed bug egg in a room. Your inspection can be booked for the very next day if necessary.

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