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Canine Bed Bug Detection & Extermination Burlington

Burlington, Ontario 


Like most cities in the GTA, Burlington Ontario has seen a marked increase in bed bug infestations over the past few years. Burlington residents, along with most others in the area, are struggling to deal with what to do about the bed bug problem plaguing the city and pest control services and bed bug inspection companies are endeavouring to keep up with the demand.


As bed bugs infest Burlington, more people are realizing the benefits of having a canine bed bug inspection in their home. Having a bed bug inspection done by a bed bug dog team can identify a newer bed bug problem before it has a chance to spread. The ability of the canine detection to find bed bugs before they multiply into a larger problem often serves to make it easier for the problem to be remedied with less time and effort can result in less cost and hardship to the home owner.


Our bed bug inspection team consists of a highly trained bed bug dog accompanied by an experienced handler. Our bed bug dog handlers are also licensed bed bug exterminators with years of experience in dealing with bed bugs. If after a thorough inspection of your home, the team detects bed bugs the handler will show you exactly where they are and, having many years of experience, your handler will offer his or her advice on what steps should be taken next.


Regardless if bed bugs are detected in your home, the handler will leave you with a written report of what was found – or not found. If bed bugs were found you can give this report to your pest control technician to aid in the extermination process.


Bed bugs multiply quickly and they are very good at hiding. In fact, bed bugs can and often do hide in places that are simply not visible to the human eye. Our bed bug detection dogs use the scent of bed bugs to zero in on where they are hiding. In fact, the detection dog can sniff out even just one live bed bug or bed bug egg in a room.


If you live in Burlington and you suspect that you may have been exposed to bed bugs it is important to know for sure. You need a quick and accurate answer – either way. Our K9 bed bug detection offers a discreet, cost-effective and highly accurate solution to bed bug detection.

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