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Bed Bug Detection Service Areas

City Of Toronto


Toronto was actually the birthplace of Canine bed bug detection in Canada. As the bed bug problem started grow, a need was identified for the ability to check a home with greater accuracy and in a shorter period of…

City of Mississauga


The city of Mississauga has seen a large increase in the number of reported bed bug infestations over the past five years. Many large buildings and an increase of homes being built as a result of a population explosion…


Most people living in the Toronto area do not discern between Toronto and Etobicoke. But residents of Etobicoke would beg to differ and the fact that the bed bug epidemic has hit Etobicoke with such vengeance over the past five…

City of Oakville


The city of Oakville Ontario is going through a huge change in population as we speak. New homes are being built at a furious pace to accommodate that growth. Along with such a significant increase in population comes the prospect of not such nice things like bed bugs.

City of Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill was the fastest growing community in the 1990’s and it continues to grow today. With the growth in population Richmond Hill has also seen a significant increase in the number of bed bug infestations affecting its residents.

Town of Markham


Markham Ontario (part of York Region) is the fourth largest community in the Greater Toronto Area. Having a relatively large population with continuous growth brings not only economic prosperity but also the prospect…

North York - Toronto

North York

North York Ontario is the second largest of the six municipalities of the City Of Toronto with a population of over 700,000 people. 

Vaughan Ontario

Vaughan / Concord

Just a few short years ago, the primary points of bed bug infestation in the GTA could easily be found in the downtown core and immediate surrounding areas.

City of Brampton


Brampton has been a part of Ontario for a very long time. Incorporated in 1853 it has grown to become one of Ontario’s major economic engines.

Hamilton Stoney Creek

Hamilton / Stoney Creek

The Hamilton Stoney Creek area has, by far, seen the most significant increase of bed bugs in Southern Ontario in the past three years. For reasons that are, as yet, unknown, Hamilton’s bed bug problem has exploded.

Thornhill Ontario


Residents of Thornhill Ontario are finding out that they are connected to more urban areas of the GTA in ways that may not be so pleasant. Thornhill has not traditionally been effected by the bed bug problem – until recently! 

Kitchener Waterloo

Kitchener / Waterloo

The bed bug problem in the Kitchener Waterloo area took a while to manifest itself relative to the rest of the urban concentration centers of Southern Ontario, but when bed bugs arrived in Kitchener they arrived in a big way!
City of Burlington


Like most cities in the GTA, Burlington Ontario has seen a marked increase in bed bug infestations over the past few years. Burlington residents, along with most others in the area, are struggling to deal with what to do about the bed bug problem…