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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The suspicion that you might have bed bugs could have come from many sources. You may have visited a friend that told you afterwards that they may have had bed bugs when you were there. Perhaps you went on vacation and found out that your hotel room had bed bugs and you’re worried that you may have brought them home with you. At any rate, a question that we often get is “what do bed bugs look like?”

Bed Bugs look different at different stages of life


Depending on what stage of life the bed bug has reached they can look very different indeed. Starting off in the egg form, the bed bug begins life quite small and not resembling an insect at all. As the bed bug hatches and matures, it begins to take on the appearance of the classic flat body shape resembling an apple seed.

After hatching, the bed bug is very small and almost unidentifiable as a bed bug to the untrained eye. Second stage bed bugs, although very small, do something that is quite rare in the entomological world among parasitic insects – they feed immediately. The fact that a newly hatched bed bug will seek out a blood meal confirms the need that many have in obtaining a quick inspection. People know that they are being bitten by something but they simply cannot find what’s biting them because the bugs are so small and relatively hard to see.

With regular blood meals available to them and given optimal environmental conditions such as temperature and relative humidity, the bed bug will progress quite rapidly through the various life cycle stages until it reaches a fully grown adult. While this is happening, the bed bug is depositing fecal matter, casting its skin as it grows and procreating. See our comprehensive photo gallery of what bed bugs look like here.

Photo of Bed Bugs
Photo of Bed Bugs
Photo of Bed Bugs
Photo of Bed Bugs


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