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The influx of bed bugs into managed properties in the Toronto area has become huge problem for property management companies. The prolific rate at which bed bugs have infested multi-residential properties is astounding!


With the significant rise in bed bug infestations come increased expenses and hardships for the residents of managed properties in Toronto. Often, if the management has not budgeted for the increase of services required to deal with the removal of bed bugs, the yearly fiscal budget is exceeded and it is difficult for the accounting department to accurately estimate what the future costs of dealing with bed bugs in their properties may be.


Our company has been dealing with property management companies for years conducting regular, ongoing K9 bed bug detection for their many units under management.


The benefits associated with preventative ongoing K9 bed bug inspections in a multi-residential building, whether it be condominiums or rental apartment units, is numerous.


By conducting regular bed bug inspections using our detection dog teams, the property management is able to detect bed bug problems in the building in the early stages. This is of utmost importance because bed bugs multiply quickly and they spread even more quickly.


Property managers must be proactive when it comes to bed bugs in a building! We see many cases where tenants simply do not tell the management that they think they may have a problem with bed bugs. There are many reasons that this happens but the reasons simply don’t matter if the bed bugs are allowed to spread. If given the chance, bed bugs will quickly spread from one unit to another and not only on the same floor. Bed bugs will spread throughout an apartment building vertically, a fact that property managers are all too well aware of.


By incorporating a regular series of bed bug inspections through our company, you as a property manager are doing everything possible to stem the spread of any bed bugs that may be hiding in your building. Our K9 bed bug inspection teams can inspect every unit of your building thoroughly in much less time and with a higher degree of accuracy and less hardship to your residents than any other bed bug detection method available.


When we conduct bed bug inspections for property management companies we offer a significant discounted fee structure when inspecting multiple units. We make bed bug inspection affordable to your bottom line!


Most property management companies that we work with schedule regular appointment dates spaced anywhere from one to six months apart as part of their ongoing preventative bed bug maintenance program.


If you are a property manager and you would like to discuss setting up an ongoing bed bug detection maintenance program for your properties simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up a meeting.