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Our Privacy Policy

Canada Canine Detection Corp. is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers. We recognize the need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us particularly in light of the sensitive nature of the work that we provide to you. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your specific request to do so.


Our Terms of Service


By contacting us and booking a bed bug canine team to conduct a bed bug inspection you agree to the following:


For the purposes of this agreement the “Company” refers to Canada Canine Detection Corp. The “Customer” refers to the individual or company or its / their agent(s) as written on the front of the work order form in the ‘Customer Information’ section.


Customer authorizes the Company to enter and fully inspect the premises (house, condominium, apartment unit, business premises, facility etc.), the address of which is written on the front of this form in the Customer Information section, including any and all rooms and associated contents contained within the premises.


Customer acknowledges that the inspection team consists of at least one specially trained human handler accompanied by his/her NESDCA certified canine partner.


Customer agrees that if it cancels an appointment without providing the Company with at least 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $169 may be charged to the Customer. The Customer agrees to pay this fee before any future appointments are carried out.


Company reserves the right to cancel a service appointment if there is a reported, implied or suspected risk to the safety of Company personnel and / or equipment. Should such a safety risk be suspected or established, Customer acknowledges that the Company shall not be held responsible for any financial or other loss to the Customer, whether direct or indirect, as a result however caused. Such safety risks may include but are not limited to: structurally unsound working environment at the treatment site (floors, stairs, ceilings etc.), aggressive animals (guard dog, venomous animals etc.)


Customer acknowledges that although the Company has provided a highly trained and certified bed bug detection team and that every effort is made to detect its bed bug infestation (if present), the Company cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in detection – positive or negative.


The Customer agrees that it shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its employees, directors, agents or assigns, against all claims of the Customer and of third parties (including without limitation, claims based upon strict liability in tort, negligence, fundamental breach or for consequential damages and claims based upon damages to the environment) losses, fines, demands, suits and judgments, and all costs or expenses incurred in connection therewith, including reasonable legal fees, which may result from any services, recommendations or referrals provided by the Company to the Customer.


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