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Bed Bug Inspection Pricing

The price of a bed bug inspection has remained reasonably steady for the past five years for a visit to a standard fully-detached home. Depending on the area to be inspected, the price of the inspection may change relative to the amount of time it will take to perform the service. For instance, conducting a canine bed bug inspection in a small apartment takes less time than inspecting a large retirement home. The fee charged for the inspection depends primarily on the amount of time that it will take to do a thorough inspection in the entire property.

Is there a reduction in fee of a canine bed bug inspection if multiple units are done?


We often perform our bed bug detection services in large multi-residential apartment buildings. When conducting these types of inspections the cost of the service is reduced according to how many units will be inspected.

What other factors affect the price of a canine bed bug inspection?


There are a number of other factors that may affect the price of a canine bed bug inspection. The distance that must be travelled to the inspection site being one of them. Generally speaking, if the inspection site is located within a reasonable distance from the Greater Toronto Area – say, inside of 100 KM, the price of your inspection will not change. Should you require the K9 team to travel outside of that area, an additional fee will be applied to cover the extra time and travel cost associated with attending your location.

Is the cost of a K9 bed bug inspection worth it?


By having a canine bed bug detection team search your property for bed bugs you are getting the benefit of the very latest in bed bug detection technology. Should bed bugs be detected you will have the advantage of finding out early which, in many cases, enables you to address the bed bug problem before it has a chance to manifest itself into a much larger problem.

Bed bug extermination companies in the Toronto area are working feverishly to address the increase in bed bug infestations seen in the city. The bed bug problem continues to grow extremely quickly and there is generally a shortage of true experts in the field of bed bug extermination. Finding a bed bug problem in the early stages makes it easier for your pest control professional to fix the problem. The longer a bed bug problem is allowed to grow, the harder it is to eradicate it.

By having a bed bug dog team inspect your home you may actually save thousands of dollars in extermination costs. This is not always the case but does happen enough to play a significant part in the whole picture.


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