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Category: Bed Bug Detection

K9 Training Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Toronto

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Toronto   Have you ever wondered how bed bug sniffing dogs in Toronto stay sharp and ready to detect bed bugs in even the best hiding spots? In order to maintain the highest standard of readiness, a bed bug sniffer dog must train daily with live

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Check In To Hotel

How To Inspect For Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room

Procedure for inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs You will be looking for bed bugs, bed bug fecal matter and bed bug cast skins. Please see our main website for pictures of these items. Before entering your hotel room have someone watch your bag that you leave just outside

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Suitcases in Hotel Room

How To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

The Series In the following few blog posts we will explore a subject that is on the minds of most people that are aware of the ever growing bed bug problem throughout the world – Getting bed bugs while travelling! A huge percentage of those suffering with bed bugs were

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