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I Found Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room After Sleeping The Night

Kill Bed Bugs in Dryer High Heat

Finding bed bugs in your hotel room BEFORE you sleep is really no big deal as the previous post will attest to, but waking up in your hotel room with bites on your body that weren’t there when you went to bed the previous night or seeing a bed bug in the morning after you wake up is a whole new ball ‘o’ wax!


Now you’ve been exposed! Now, you MUST take some basic precautions to make sure that you do not take them home with you! So pay attention and quit playing Candy Crush for just a second – OK?!


First, go downstairs and tell the hotel management about the problem – don’t wait!


You Must Do The Following:


a) Take all of your clothing and place the dry-able items in your dyer on ‘high’ for one hour. Do NOT wash them first. The heat of the dryer will kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs that might be in your clothing. This is important! Most people that bring back bed bugs from vacation bring them back in their clothing in their luggage.


b) For the items that cannot be put in the dryer – Wipe them down with a damp cloth thoroughly – including your shoes.


c) Ensure that no bed bugs are in or on your luggage.


d) If possible, have the hotel pest control technician treat your hard goods (briefcase, luggage etc.) professionally.


e) When arriving home DO NOT enter your home without doing the following first: Disrobe in your garage if possible, if not have some clothing that was previously dried on ‘high’ for the hour in a separate and sealed bag handy, change out of your clothing that you travelled back home in and change into those ‘clean’ clothes. You can use a public washroom if necessary to do this.


f) Do not bring your luggage inside your home! Leave your luggage in the garage if possible. If you live in a condo or apartment you can simply bag up your luggage (use heavy duty garbage bags for this) and tie a simple knot at the top of it. This will ensure that any bed bugs that may be in or on your suitcase will not infest your home.


Shortly after arriving home you should book a K9 bed bug inspection to be sure that no bed bugs returned with you. Bringing bed bugs back from staying in a hotel is a devastating thing for many families. There is the stress of know that you have brought them back, there is considerable expense associated with the extermination of the bed bugs and there is considerable disruption to your normal routine.


It is possible to avoid getting bed bugs while travelling. By taking some basic steps to avoid being exposed to bed bugs and knowing what to do if you are exposed to them, you can avoid having to deal with the problem where it really counts – your home.

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