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I Didn’t Find Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room – Am I Done

In a word – No! There are still some basic precautions that you should take to avoid being exposed to bed bugs even if your inspection did not result in finding any evidence of them being in your hotel room.


  • Keep your suitcase zipped up when not in use
  • Never store your suitcase on the luggage rack in the room
  • Never hang your clothes in the closet in a hotel room – use the shower bar instead
  • Do not put clothes in the dresser drawers
  • Keep a separate plastic bag to put your dirty laundry in. Do not pack it with your other clothes back into your suitcase
  • Never leave your laptop on the night stand next to your bed!
  • When arriving home, take off your travel clothes in your garage, dry them on ‘high’ for one hour before putting them away. If they’re dirty, dry them first, then wash them and dry them again.


Bed bugs are insidious little bastards. They are consummate hitchhikers and they are very hard to detect – especially when your mind is on other things like, say, I dunno, having a good time while on vacation. The last thing we want to think about is the risk of getting bed bugs while at a lake front resort with the one we love. Now, I’m a romantic ( O.K., not really but grant me one small delusion will you?!) and when entering a beautiful hotel room, with the ocean breeze and gentle sound of the Mediterranean surf tantalizing our senses, as we take in the quaint decor of the room in which we hope to make some very special memories (wink – nudge) we really don’t want to think about some insects that are lying in wait to pierce our skin and drink our blood as we lay spent and motionless after one too many sips of the overpriced Champagne and brief but quite satisfying reminiscent foray of what we were like back in our twenties.


Vigilance in bed bug avoidance carries the day. By taking some easy steps and making them part of your travel habits, you may well avoid getting bed bugs when you travel.

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