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Hotel Bed Bug Inspection – What If I Found Bed Bugs? What If I Didn’t?

Hotel Bed Bug Inspection

If your inspection resulted in not finding any bed bugs in your hotel room – fantastic! But you’re not done yet! The third and final post on this subject will deal with what precautions to take if your inspection resulted in no evidence of bed bugs but… For those of you that DID find bed bugs (and are approaching DEFCON 4 level of panic right about now)… This is for you.


Well… It’s all find and dandy to tell you how to do the actual hotel room bed bug inspection but did you really think we’d be so uncaring as to leave you hanging on what to do if you DID find them? Of course we’ll tell you what to do next – we love you too much to abandon you now:)




OK… you’ve done your inspection, found live bed bugs crawling all over the place (yes, I know, try to stop shivering and please, keep your screams to a minimum if at all possible – ok?) and yes, you are more than entitled to a glass of wine (or two) even if it’s morning, but there are some things you need to do first!


Naturally, you want to leave the room as soon as possible. Now, remember in the first post about how to do the inspection where we told you to leave your bags outside of the room? This is the reason we told you to do that. You don’t have to worry that your bags were exposed to the bugs – smart right? Ok… Let’s continue…


Remove your nitrile gloves (you can buy them at Home Depot – don’t get the Latex gloves, some people are allergic to Latex without even know it and can suffer from (sometimes fatal) anaphylactic allergic reaction to contact with them) and leave them in the room – do not take them with you!


If you’re by yourself, try to brush yourself down with your hands to remove any bugs that may have crawled onto your clothing. If you’re with someone else (that you get along with) have them do it for you – it’s way more fun 😉


Proceed down to the check-in desk and (discreetly) ask for the duty manager. Quietly tell him/her that you found bed bugs in your room and ask to be transferred to another. Here’s where it gets interesting…


Bed bugs have become a huge problem for hotels – all hotels! Doesn’t matter if the hotel is a 29 buck dive or a $2000 a night luxury boutique, ALL hotels get bed bugs regularly. The thing is, hotel chains live and die by their reputation and having a patron disclose (online or otherwise) that there were bed bugs in their establishment can be devastating for their brand. You know where I’m going with this don’t you?… If you stay calm and reasonable and indicate that you really love the hotel and that you understand that it could happen to anyone etc. etc. etc. you are quite likely to be shown some gratitude for your understanding.


In my experience of finding bed bugs in hotels many times in my life it was quite common to be ‘comped’ everything from an upgraded suite with the whole stay “on the house” to complimentary rental cars and free dinners. The odd time while staying in casino hotels in Las Vegas they would ‘comp’ casino chips and free shows too!


In the end, if you find bed bugs in your hotel room before actually unpacking and sleeping the night, and with the right knowledge and a level head you could actually end up better off than when you started.


Don’t you just love a free economy? Yup… me too 😉

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