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Have you ever wondered how bed bug sniffing dogs in Toronto stay sharp and ready to detect bed bugs in even the best hiding spots? In order to maintain the highest standard of readiness, a bed bug sniffer dog must train daily with live bed bugs! So, how do we do this? How often must a bed bug sniffer dog train? What type of training does the dog need to stay at the top of his or her game? We’ll answer these questions for you right now!


In the past few years Toronto has seen an influx of bed bug sniffer dogs enter the market. Not all bed bug sniffer dogs are created equal. The training of both the dog and the handler is the core of a successful team and ongoing and regular training is essential in maintaining the highest standards of bed bug detection readiness.


The initial training of a bed bug sniffer dog should be conducted by highly experienced personnel specifically able to conduct the ab initio behavioural scent detection training. This training can take up to a full year to complete. In addition, the handler that will be working with the dog must also go through extensive training with the particular dog that he or she will be certifying and working with.


After the initial training of both the canine and the handler, and after the certification process is complete, when both the dog and handler have passed it is essential that ongoing training be accomplished in order for both members of the bed bug detection team to stay razor sharp in skill and ability. So, how do we do this?

In order for the bed bug sniffing team to maintain their edge, each and every day the team will search out and find bed bugs that are contained in small vials. These vials will contain an assortment of bed bugs that include all stages of life, bed bug nymphs and eggs as well. Some vials may only contain one nymph and one adult bed bug. Another vial may only contain eggs and other may contain only dead bed bugs. The latter is used as a ‘distractor’ which the bed bug sniffing dog is NOT allowed to alert to.


In order to stay properly trained, the bed bug dog must find bed bugs in the prescribed manner at least three times per day, every day! Maintaining a proper training program is essential to ensuring that you, the customer, get the very best canine bed bug inspection possible.

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