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Who We Are

Canada Canine Detection Corp. is proud to be one of the first K9 bed bug detection companies in the Toronto area to offer highly trained bed bug inspection teams where the handler is also a licensed and experienced bed bug exterminator!

We have been in business for years and have successfully completed hundreds of bed bug inspections throughout Southern Ontario.

Reasonably priced Toronto bed bug detection with a licensed bed bug exterminator as part of the team.


Offering a necessary bed bug detection service at a reasonable price, we provide a highly trained and certified bed bug inspection team that includes a handler that is also a licensed bed bug exterminator by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario! This is something that other companies simply do not offer.


The benefit of having an inspection team where the handler is also an exterminator specially trained in how to eliminate bed bugs is significant.


While the team searches for bed bugs in your home or business, the bed bug dog is meticulously led through the inspection area by the handler and searches for the scent of any bed bugs or their eggs. The handler is simultaneously using his or her vast experience and knowledge of bed bugs to assist in the process of finding them.

Setting the bed bug inspection appointment is the easy part!


When you suspect that you may have been exposed to bed bugs you need to know quickly! We know you’re stressed and we’re here to help!


When you call us for a canine bed bug inspection you will speak to one of our highly trained office staff that will set up your appointment and share their many years of experience in dealing with bed bugs. Our customers compliment our office staff regularly because we really do care about you and your situation.


We are happy to spend time with you answering your questions prior to and after the completion of your inspection. If bed bugs are detected we are happy to provide you with ongoing support and advice on how to proceed – all at no extra cost.

Our Accreditation

We are proud members in good standing with:

The Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario
The Canadian Pest Management Association
National Pest Management Association (United States)


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