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How does a canine bed bug inspection work?


Your bed bug inspection is booked to fall within a two hour arrival window. You can expect our team to arrive within those two hours.


We understand that discretion is extremely important!


Upon arrival you will notice that our team does not wear any identifiable clothing that would alert anyone to the purpose of our visit. This means that our bed bug dog does not have any special ‘overcoat’ or professional markings and your handler does not wear a uniform of any sort. Even when we are required to ‘sign in’ with a concierge in an upscale condominium, our handler will use his or her first name – not the company name.


Your discretion is extremely important to us! You can expect a discreet and professional appointment that takes place quietly and under the radar.


What is a K9 bed bug inspection?


A K9 bed bug inspection simply means that a specially trained dog along with an experienced handler searches your home or business for bed bugs.


There are two specific things that the inspection team searches for – Bed bugs and Bed bug eggs. The dog is trained to find the scent of the bugs and their eggs but will only alert to live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. This is important to know because we often perform searches after bed bug treatments have taken place and alerting to dead bugs or eggs would serve no purpose.


The handler is also trained with the bed bug dog and together they make the ‘bed bug detection team’. The handler serves an important purpose in the team structure. The handler will ensure that the dog thoroughly searches the entire area and can read the dogs’ body language. For instance, if the dog is interested in a particular area during the search but does not actually alert it may indicate that bed bugs were recently present but are no longer there as in a case where the home owner had bed bugs on some sheets but removed those sheets prior to the inspection. We see this scenario periodically.


The bed bug detection team will search every room in the home and everything in all of the rooms including the baseboards and electrical outlets (places that bed bugs like to hide). Included in the inspection is a search of clothing in laundry hampers and basements where washers and dryers are often found.


Sometimes, a homeowner has already bagged their clothing for laundering. In this case we are happy to search the bags for the presence of bed bugs as well.


What if bed bugs are detected?


The presence of bed bugs in your home is indicated when the K9 ‘alerts’ to them. This simply means that the dog will identify the location by turning 90 degrees clockwise and sitting while looking at the handler. An ‘alert’ is quite distinctive when it occurs and is easily identified even by an untrained observer.


After the K9 alerts, the handler will physically attempt to locate the bed bugs that the dog has just alerted to by lifting the mattress or box spring or moving a piece of furniture depending on where the alert took place.


The handler is looking for a number of things when an alert is indicated. Finding the actual bed bugs is the priority. Identifying any bed bug eggs that are present and observing any fecal matter and/or cast skins will also indicate the severity of the bed bug problem. This is where the experience of the handler becomes invaluable!


A skilled bed bug exterminator handler is able to tell you approximately how long the bed bug problem has existed and how widespread the problem is. This information is helpful in determining how to eliminate the bed bug problem.


Your handler will give you advice on what treatment methods may be right for your particular situation and will give you advice on what to look for when selecting a company to come in to rectify it.


At the completion of your appointment, your bed bug inspection team will leave you with a comprehensive work order detailing the results of the inspection. Any advice or recommendations are also given to you in writing for future reference.


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