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Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs?

Toronto Bed Bug Inspection & Detection

Canine bed bug inspection Toronto – Bed bug detection using bed bug dogs – It’s bed bug detection that works!

Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs? Are you waking up with unexplained bites? Do your children show signs of an unexplained itchy ‘rash’? Are you finding blood spots on your sheets in the morning? If so, you need a bed bug inspection!

There are some telltale signs that bed bugs may have infested your home. In the ‘old days’ a bed bug inspection was carried out by a technician using a simple flashlight. The inspection was time consuming and far from accurate because bed bugs are small and they are very good at hiding. A visual bed bug inspection was and is the most rudimentary, most inaccurate and least reliable way to find bed bugs. Even an experienced bed bug inspector can easily miss finding bed bugs and their eggs when using only his or her eyes.

Now, people in need of a bed bug inspection need no longer settle for second best. Now there is a reliable and highly accurate way to detect bed bugs using a specially trained bed bug inspection dog team.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are specially trained to detect bed bugs and their eggs. In fact, our highly trained and certified bed bug detection dog teams can detect just one bed bug or one bed bug egg in a room!

Our K9 bed bug inspection provides a fast, highly accurate and discreet bed bug detection alternative to the traditional inspection methods of old.

Early detection is essential!

In years past the only the only way to conduct a bed bug inspection was by having a technician come in and simply have a look around. Using our canine bed bug detection service when a bed bug problem is suspected enables you to detect the problem early which is essential in preventing the problem from spreading.

Bed bugs are very good at hiding!

Most people who are exposed to bed bugs don’t realize it for at least a few weeks. A bed bug problem grows quickly! Early detection is an essential part of keeping it from spreading! Our highly trained and very accurate bed bug dog detection teams can identify a bed bug problem in the early stages – before they have a chance to spread into a large problem that will take much more time and effort to resolve.

Bed bugs multiply quickly and they are very good at hiding. In fact, bed bugs can and often do hide in places that are simply not visible to the human eye. Our bed bug detection dogs use the scent of bed bugs to zero in on where they are hiding. In fact, the detection dog can sniff out even just one live bed bug or bed bug egg in a room.

If you live in Toronto area and you suspect that you may have been exposed to bed bugs it is important to know for sure. You need a quick and accurate answer – either way. Our K9 bed bug detection offers a discreet, cost-effective and highly accurate solution to bed bug detection.

We provide specialized canine bed bug detection services to personal residences, businesses, hotels and retirement homes across Toronto and Southern Ontario.



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  • I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and although you did find bed bugs in my box spring our exterminator was able to fix the problem...

    Linda M.

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