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Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs?

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Canine Bed Bug Detection for your home

By far the most concerning for our clients is when they suspect that they have brought bed bugs into their home. Bed bugs are an insidious little parasitic insect that invades the very place that we like to think of as safe – our bed!

There are a number of things that can alert a home owner to the possibility that bed bugs have infested their home but the most common is waking up with itchy bites. Due to the entomological nature of bed bugs and the fact that they only feed every seven to nine days, a home owner will wake in the morning a few bites on their body, usually in a group of between three and five but then they will go over a week with nothing more.

When the next feeding cycle happens, they awake with even more bites which raises the alarm and the confusion. To those of us in know, this type of scenario is very common but to the average person who knows nothing about bed bugs, it can and often does, cause everything from concern to all out panic.

If you or your children are waking up with unexplained bites or are seeing any of the other signs and symptoms of bed bugs you are a good candidate for a canine bed bug inspection!

In days of old when someone suspected that they might have a bed bug problem the only thing that could be done was to have a technician come in with a flashlight and have a look around. The problem with a visual inspection is that bed bugs are very small and they are very good at hiding. Bed bugs do not like light and like being disturbed even more, thus they hide in cracks and crevices wherever they can find them and almost always close to their food source (you). Bed bugs will often hid under baseboards and even in the electrical boxes close to a bed of sofa. This makes it very difficult for even an experienced technician to conduct a reliable inspection especially when the problem is in the early stages and the bed bug population is still small.

Enter the K9 bed bug inspection. With our highly trained bed bug dog and accompanying handler, we are able to detect even just one live bed bug or viable bed bug egg! Because the dog uses his nose as opposed to eyes, the dog is able to pick up the bed bug scent even if the bed bug itself is hiding deep in a crevice. If a bed bug is detected by the dog he will ‘alert’ to the area of detection. It is at this point that the handler – who has many years of bed bug experience – attempts to visually locate the bed bug or egg(s).

Having a K9 bed bug inspection affords you the ability to know whether bed bugs have infested your home and, if so, exactly where they are!

Our bed bug inspection service is highly accurate, discreet and cost-effective. Either way, you’ll know if bed bugs are in your home or not. If they are, you have immediate access to an experienced bed bug technician who will give you benefit of his years of knowledge and experience in choosing what to do next. If no bed bugs are found you can breathe a sigh of relief and relax.

If you suspect that you may have bed bug and you live in the Toronto area, give us a call. We can usually set up your inspection for the very next day.



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  • I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and although you did find bed bugs in my box spring our exterminator was able to fix the problem...

    Linda M.

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