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Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs?


What exactly is a canine bed bug inspection?

A canine bed bug inspection is a process whereby a specially trained bed bug sniffing dog and the dog’s handler meticulously search an area for bed bugs.

How is the bed bug dog trained?

Our bed bug dogs are trained in the United States by an operation specifically certified for K9 bed bug detection dog training. Although our handlers and dogs are certified as a team, that actual training of the detection dog itself is so specialized, only a handful of facilities are certified to do the actual training

Are my neighbours going to know that you are searching for bed bugs?

NO! Our bed bug dogs do not wear any identifiable paraphernalia and our handlers do not wear a uniform. This is done deliberately to keep your privacy secure. Our service is extremely discreet!

Is there any preparation that I need to do before you arrive?

Yes. Our bed bug dogs are extremely motivated to find bed bugs – they do this by sniffing vigorously. We ask that you ensure that there is nothing dangerous to the dog in the inspection area. Please ensure that no medication, food, sharp objects (needles, knives, nails etc.) are anywhere that the dog could come into contact with them.

Please make sure that there is no food on the floor or under beds or sofas.

Although the dog is highly trained to focus on finding bed bugs, certain things may cause a distraction to the dog when she is doing her job. Crying infants/children, loud noises such as loud televisions or radios and even abnormally loud washing machines could cause the dog to be distracted. Please keep this in mind for when we arrive.

Because the detection dog uses its nose to detect the scent of bed bugs, anything that disturbs the scent can make it more difficult for the dog to do its job. Please turn off your central air conditioner or heating system when we arrive in addition to any floor model fans so as not to cause undue air currents that may hamper the dog’s ability to zero-in on the scent.

How soon can you book my inspection appointment?

We can usually fit you in the very next day depending on your location. Sometimes a same day appointment is available as well.

Do you do follow-up inspections after a bed bug treatment?

Yes. It is common for a home owner to have a follow-up bed bug inspection after they have been serviced by an exterminator to verify that the treatment worked. The same fee as was applicable to your initial inspection is charged for a follow-up.

Can I pet your dog when you’re here?

No. Our bed bug detection dogs are not pets, they are highly trained working dogs and when we are in your home they are working professionals. Our bed bug dogs are greatly loved by their handler and they are taken care of better than that of most people frankly but when they are working they must stay focused and on-task. It is for this reason that we ask you not to pet the dog when we are in your home.

Can I come around with you when you are doing the inspection?

Usually yes. The reason we say usually is that if the dog becomes distracted in may impact the accuracy of the inspection. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate bed bug inspection possible and a big part of that is having the dog maintain his focus on finding the bed bugs. The proximity of a ‘stranger’, loud cry of a baby or sudden repeated movement of a person or thing could throw him off of his game. If your handler feels that there is a distraction he will advise you on what to do to.

How long does an inspection take?

Depending on the size of your home and how many items there are in it an inspection can take anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour.

Where will you inspect?

Your inspection team will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire home including all rooms including the basement and furniture in them. In addition, we will inspect laundry hampers and washers and dryers, closets and personal items such as purses.



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