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10 Jun

Is there any preparation that I need to do before you arrive?

Yes. Our bed bug dogs are extremely motivated to find bed bugs – they do this by sniffing vigorously. We ask that you ensure that there is nothing dangerous to the dog in the inspection area. Please ensure that no medication, food, sharp objects (needles, knives, nails etc.) are anywhere that the dog could come into contact with them.

Please make sure that there is no food on the floor or under beds or sofas.

Although the dog is highly trained to focus on finding bed bugs, certain things may cause a distraction to the dog when she is doing her job. Crying infants/children, loud noises such as loud televisions or radios and even abnormally loud washing machines could cause the dog to be distracted. Please keep this in mind for when we arrive.

Because the detection dog uses its nose to detect the scent of bed bugs, anything that disturbs the scent can make it more difficult for the dog to do its job. Please turn off your central air conditioner or heating system when we arrive in addition to any floor model fans so as not to cause undue air currents that may hamper the dog’s ability to zero-in on the scent.

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