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Bed Bug Symptoms

Think you might have bed bugs? There are some telltale signs of bed bugs. Call us to know for sure!

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Canine Bed Bug Detection Toronto

Do you suspect that you may have bed bugs? Are you waking up with unexplained bites? Do your children show signs of an unexplained itchy ‘rash’? Are you finding blood spots on your sheets in the morning? If so, you need a bed bug inspection!

There are some telltale signs that bed bugs may have infested your home. In the ‘old days’ a bed bug inspection was carried out by a technician using a simple flashlight...

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  • I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job and although you did find bed bugs in my box spring our exterminator was able to fix the problem quickly because we caught it early – thanks to you. I’m very glad I...

    Linda M.